It's a Girl!


So many…feelings! A bit of developing news, my beloved SMT fam: Matt and I are expecting our third child! Our daughter is due later this summer. Meep! What a crazy thing to put into writing.

What’s also crazy? Gushing over the forthcoming Baby Sussex while growing a little bean of our own. I have renewed sympathy towards Meghan and Kate for having to live out their pregnancies with the world watching. And even though I’ve done this twice before, it’s been a startling reminder of just how challenging dressing the bump can be.

I have So Many Thoughts about what it’s like to be pregnant with your third child via IVF (fwiw, no, we are not one of those couples who spontaneously make a baby after struggling with infertility). I’ll share our story soon enough. It’s truly an embarrassment of riches, especially for a couple who spent a not-short amount of time thinking we wouldn’t be able to have children. But mostly, today is about celebrating this little lady, who is already so loved.

PS My dress is by Kate-fave maternity brand Seraphine.