Recap: So Many Thoughts LIVE

Well, WOW! What an incredible night. My cheeks still hurt from smiling after our first So Many Thoughts LIVE event in New York last week. Thank you to everyone who came and watched the livestream (ICYMI: video above! Or saved to my IGTV archives on my Instagram). It was a thrill to see SO MANY OF YOU, to see this community we have built come together. I heard the most heart-warming stories in the days that followed, of compliments swapped and friendships made.


My love for the royals is fairly recent, historically speaking. For me, it started with Will and Kate’s wedding back in 2011. It was the same year I got married. I. Was. Hooked!  (You can hear me gush over Kate’s Alexander McQueen gown on this episode of Royally Obsessed). Since then, I’ve often received questions about my interest in the royal family, their fashion choices, and the staging of their public appearances. Some people ask with genuine curiosity; others are far more condescending. I legit wonder if people who are really into other things, say a sports team, need to justify their interests like this?

As So Many Thoughts has grown, so have the questions. Now I also get asked why I spend so much time on Instagram, what the point of it all is. To be honest, I have struggled to explain my intentions and, more importantly, the amazing fam that has grown around it.

The truth is, it’s YOU. I do this because of the smart, thoughtful conversation we are having around a topic we all care about. I have always said I think the royal family’s careful staging of appearances, and the way they use their clothing, is worthy of dissection. And I love how So Many Thoughts has evolved, moving beyond fashion commentary (tho abs nothing wrong with that!) to a vehicle that promotes more nuanced critical thinking. I want everyone to know it’s OK not to love everything everyone does or wears, that you can have competing thoughts about something, and that a critique doesn’t need to be a comparison — or, worse, turn nasty. Also, FWIW, yes, when Kate wears a hair bow or Meghan steps out in Oscar de la Renta, I want someone to (virtually) squeal with!

Monday evening was a manifestation of all of the above, bringing what I see in my Insta DMs each and every day into a real-world setting. It was such a beautiful thing to be there on that stage with you. I loved the chance to answer your exceedingly thoughtful questions. PS: thank you for giving me an excuse to buy lifesize cardboard cutouts of Kate and Meghan! Below are a few of my favorite photos from that night. Thank you, thank you for your love and support.

PS: Help a girl out so I can explain this better in the future! What is it about So Many Thoughts that has you following along? Please share in the comments.

Credits: Photos by Liz Devine. My jumpsuit was loaned from Hatch; headband (and the one so many other wore!) was a gift from Scunci; shoes are my own, by Stuart Weitzman and they are not cheap but are so comfortable, I highly recommend!

And my thanks to! Joanna Goddard for moderating; WeWork / Made by We for hosting; Wolffer for the drinks; Scunci for the bow bar; Sally Hansen for the nail polish; Kate Childs, who came up with this idea and was the calm throughout the storm for me; and my husband for solo parenting and starring in the livestream.