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Andy Cohen Is Tired of Being ‘Dad Shamed’ by ‘Momsplainers’

The Bravo host, who became a father last month, has received lots of unsolicited advice about his newborn. Welcome to parenthood!


How to style an actress for awards season

When celebrity stylist Elizabeth Saltzman dresses stars like Saoirse Ronan during the run-up to the Oscars, it’s just like editing a magazine.

Anne Hathaway Is Nobody's Punching Bag

The star opens up about Hollywood's school of hard knocks, why she's grateful for Instagram, and how she sets her anxiety on fire (literally)

The Real Simple 2019 Great Neighbor

They prove 
that anyone can do good—and sometimes all you 
need to do is look in your own backyard.

What the ‘Amazon Coat’ Reveals About the Future of Shopping

Decoding the style, price and positioning of this season’s most viral piece of outerwear

Can a grown woman wear a hair bow?

Although designers and celebrities are currently loopy over bows, women are split on whether the look is more Catherine Deneuve or Minnie Mouse

Freezing Your Eggs? Here's Everything You Need To Know

Here, we unpack some of the most common myths surrounding the procedure

Monetising Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex’s influencer past and a shift in stance from Kensington Palace has emboldened brands to better capitalise on the moment when the royal wears their wares

What Do I Do With My Hands In Photos?

How to take pictures of yourself you'll

The Case for Seeking Out More Diverse Influencers

On the heels of the #RevolveSoWhite controversy, influencers and agencies are pushing brands to feature a broader range of ethnicities, sizes and ages in their campaigns

How Artificial Intelligence Is Coming for Your Closet

AI is poised to reinvent the shopping landscape

Does Dress for the Job You Want Still Hold Up?

What it means to dress for success in the age of hoodies and sneakers at the office

Lionel Richie Has Some Bedding to Sell You

“I’m in the bedroom,” Mr. Richie said, referring to his many romantic songs. “At least use my sheets.”

Why We're Obsessed with Customized Fashion

We’re hunting for something different, something more representative of our lives, something more special 

How Instagram Is Changing The Face Of Beauty

Skincare and make-up brands are tailoring their packaging and applicators to catch the eye of shoppers staring at a screen rather than browsing store shelves

Beauty Is in the Eye of These Beholders

Beautycon is the Super Bowl of the beauty industry, where new products are unveiled and celebrities show up to launch their forays into the lucrative makeup business (And read Elizabeth's first-person account of covering Beautycon here)

Do Avatars Make the Perfect Influencers?

A deep dive into the worlds of post-scandal Lil Miquela and newcomer Shudu

Maternity modeling, redefined

Storq Maternity is replacing every single photo on its website with images of real women who are pregnant, postpartum or nursing

So Many Thoughts (and STORIES!) on the royal wedding

Click through to read about Kate's dress for, Meghan's dress for Vogue International, a recap of the royally decent Lifetime movie and so much more

Disrupting the dishes

Registering for perfectly matched sets of china is so last century


On my years-long march to motherhood, a precursor to What to Expect When You’re Expecting that could have been titled This Is Not What I Expected at All

Meet the All-Female Executive Team Behind Cult-Favorite Shoe Brand Rothy's

Many companies act like there's only room for one woman at the top—Rothy's has six

How summer festivals became fashion’s ‘fifth season’

Cut-off denim shorts, crossbody bags and wellies: Festival fashion has developed a style all its own, and catering to it has become big business

The Perils of having an infamous name twin

Name confusion online can be a problem IRL, resulting in misfired emails, inaccurate search results, and social media firestorms

Who will design meghan Markle's wedding dress?

Meet 8 names in the running to create the history-making garment

How royal babies are named

A look at the tradition, rules, and politics of naming royal children

The Real Simple Great Neighbor Awards

Six people who took care of their own, proving anyone can do good—and sometimes all you need to do is look in your own backyard

Why don't more women wear trousers on the red carpet?

As many actresses search for a way to give their appearances greater meaning, why has the dress endured as the de facto choice on the awards season circuit?

Does the Painted Portrait Stand a Chance In the Age of Social Media?

Should paintings of the rich and powerful help shape the truth or expose it?

Meet the Man Bringing Silicon Valley-Style Disruption to Philanthropy

"How can I ask you to give money if I’m not able to show you where the money goes?”

Dress Code Chaos

Well-intended hosts are offering fewer instructions, while others are introducing creative dress codes that can raise more questions than they answer


Retailing giant Target is closing some stalwart lines and creating niche labels to draw shoppers seeking something special

“I don’t understand why the relationship between the daughter and the dad is somehow the chosen relationship to nurture.”
— Melissa Willets

Father-Daughter Dance Gets a Makeover

The long-held and much-celebrated events are shuffling to get in line with the "Modern Family" times

the Next Wave of Charity Board Members

The San Francisco mother-and-son duo say that sometimes an open wallet isn't enough

When Models become fashion designers

As Alexa Chung becomes the latest It Girl to launch her own collection, three women share their advice on making the difficult jump from tastemaker to entrepreneur