How Often Do You Wash Your Hair?


Ok, this is big. Maybe not royal baby big, but still big for me! I have managed to add another full day between my hair washings, thanks to this magic tube.

For decades, I was an every-other-day hair wash kind of girl. I don’t know when that cadence started or why, but I have long been a subscriber to the belief that it’s better to give your tresses a break. While on maternity leave with my first son, I stretched that every-other-day habit to every third day. I can’t credit anything but my own laziness. Stuck in the newborn fog,  I just didn’t wash my hair as often. Slowly, my strands trained themselves to hold out, rarely necessitating dry shampoo or a headband to cover greasy roots. But by that third day, it was definitely time for a wash.

Recently, during a trip to the salon, my stylist prepped my hair for a blowout with an amazing smelling balm. For a decade, I had been using a drugstore gel as a combo heat protector and pre-styling tool when drying my hair. It hadn’t even occurred to me to switch it up at all. And yet, I was super intrigued by this new product and loved the way my hair moved when she was done. On my next visit, I decided to buy some myself — it’s the Keratin Complex Infusion Therapy — and discovered it gave me the same control with my hair but far less build-up, meaning I could go four days between washings. It has been a revelation! I feel like I’ve gotten more time back in my mornings, and who doesn’t need more of that?!

How often do you wash your hair? And what are your secrets to stretching that out? Please share in the comments so we can all take notes!