Royal Reading List

Tops on my list (and stack!) is   The Diana Chronicles   by Tina Brown.

Tops on my list (and stack!) is The Diana Chronicles by Tina Brown.

This summer, in addition to birthing a third baby, I am determined to catch up on my royal reading! I’ve kept close tabs on Kate and Meghan, and their wardrobes, for the last 18 months as So Many Thoughts has grown. And I have considered myself something of a royal enthusiast since 2011, when I got swept up in the excitement of Will and Kate’s wedding. But I am eager to dive a bit deeper, into the duchesses’ backstories as well as those of Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana.

Tops on my reading list is finishing The Diana Chronicles by Tina Brown, a dishy, insider’s take on the late princess by a publishing legend.  I’ve also started Diana, Her True Story — in Her Own Words by Andrew Morton, the biography that Diana herself cooperated with and, after her death, has come to include even more of her first-hand material. (If you prefer viewing to reading, I recommend this Netflix documentary). I have also enjoyed listening to Elizabeth II: Life of a Monarch, an Audible original audio biography of the Queen.

For those interested in sticking with today’s royal happenings, I highly recommend two royal podcasts that do a brilliant job at recapping the latest events. Every week I listen to Royally Obsessed, which is hosted by two friends, Lisa Ryan and Kaitlin Menza. (Full disclosure! I’ve been lucky enough to be a guest twice on the program, and guest co-host once.) There is also the Throne Rangers, hosted by bloggers Stacey Roberts and Beth Macdonald. Their hilarious, curse-laden commentary comes every two weeks or so and is extremely entertaining. I’m talking legit LOLing all the time. Your ears will delight in both, I promise!

K, but back to my summer project. I need your help! What royal reads (or listens, or documentaries!) do you recommend and why? Please share in the comments! Also, should we start some sort of royal book club? Would that be fun? Please LMK!