Your Thoughts: Kate and Will's Pre-Tour Reception

i-Images / Polaris (3)

i-Images / Polaris (3)

Ahead of their five-day tour of Pakistan later this month, William and Kate held a pre-tour reception with The Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the Shia Ismaili Muslims. You can read more about the upcoming tour here.

What are your thoughts about the Duchess’s display of sartorial diplomacy? Share in the comments!


A friendly reminder: The proximity of this tour to the tour of Southern Africa by Harry and Meghan might make it tempting to compare the two. Resist the urge! This is not a competition! These are two very different tours with different participants, events, tones and goals. Let’s think about them as such.



On Kate: dress by ARoss x Soler; earrings by Zeen; shoes and clutch by Emmy London

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