SMT Glossary of Terms

I try to fit as many Thoughts as I can onto a single picture, which means I often rely on abbreviations — and more than a few times I use it as a shorthand to avoid cursing, meeeep, sorry!

af  / as f*ck

bc / because

brb / be right back

da fuq / the f*ck

dfts / dressing for the slideshow

ffs / for f*ck sake

fwiw / for what it’s worth

fyi / for your information

goat / greatest of all time

hmu / hit me up

h/t / hat-tip, which is a way of giving someone props or credit

hrh / her royal highness

icymi / in case you missed it

idc / I don’t care

idk / I don’t know

imo or imho / in my opinion or in my humble opinion

irl / in real life

jfc / jesus f*cking christ

lewk / a look, or an ensemble

lmk / let me know

lol or lolz / laugh out loud

meep / a cuter version of eek?

most def / most definitely

natch / naturally

neauxp / nope

obvi / obviously

ooc / out of control

rn / right now

smdh / shaking my damn head

smt / so many thoughts (obvi!)

stan / originally a combo of stalker-fan but that sounds way harsh to me LOL, I use it as more of a fierce defender or believer in something

stfu / shut the f*ck up

tbh or tbqh / to be quite honest or to be honest

tl:dr / too long, don’t read (often what follows is a summation)

tf / or the f*ck

totes / totally

tyvm / thank you very much

wtf / what the f*ck  

Royal Terminology

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
aka William and Kate

Duke and Duchess of Sussex
aka Harry and Meghan

Fab Four
The (hilariously bad IMO) nickname of Will, Kate, Harry and Meghan.

Kensington Palace (KP)
Where Kate and Will live, as well as the name of the office that manages the affairs of the Fab Four.

Prince of Wales
aka Prince Charles, aka the Duke of Cornwall who is married to Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

Queen Elizabeth II
aka QEII, She is married to Prince Philip (who is retired from royal duties, so we rarely see him.)