SMT Terminology

A guide for all SMT readers, explaining the shorthand I use

SMT Terminology 

I try to fit as many Thoughts as I can onto a single picture, which means I often rely on abbreviations

(and more than a few times I use it as a shorthand to avoid cursing, meeeep, sorry!)

af  / as f*ck

bc / because

brb / be right back

da fuq / the f*ck

dfts / dressing for the slideshow

ffs / for f*ck sake

fwiw / for what it’s worth

fyi / for your information

goat / greatest of all time

hmu / hit me up

h/t / hat-tip, which is a way of giving someone props or credit

hrh / her royal highness

icymi / in case you missed it

idc / I don’t care

idk / I don’t know

imo or imho / in my opinion or in my humble opinion

irl / in real life

jfc / jesus f*cking christ

lewk / a look, or an ensemble

lmk / let me know

lol or lolz / laugh out loud

meep / a cuter version of eek?

most def / most definitely

natch / naturally

neauxp / nope

obvi / obviously

ooc / out of control

rn / right now

smdh / shaking my damn head

smt / so many thoughts (obvi!)

stan / originally a combo of stalker-fan but that sounds way harsh to me LOL, I use it as more of a fierce defender or believer in something

stfu / shut the f*ck up

tbh or tbqh / to be quite honest or to be honest

tl:dr / too long, don’t read (often what follows is a summation)

tf / or the f*ck

totes / totally

tyvm / thank you very much

wtf / what the f*ck